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The Untold Miracle of Charles Dicken’s Classic

“I never imagined A Christmas Carol as needing an addendum, but then I could not have foreseen Leonard Szymczak’s wonderful and poignant story of the hapless and hopeless Bob Cratchit facing his own Christmas Spirits.” Charles Dickens’s Christmas Ghost.

Ebenezer Scrooge is not the only person who meets his ghosts on Christmas Eve. The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future also come to visit Scrooge’s poor, dispirited clerk Bob Cratchit. Bob’s angelic lights help him face the choices he squandered that brought him to work for such a wretched miser. He has a chance to break the chains that bind him to the past, make choices for a better future, and discover the power of forgiveness and love—the miracle of Christmas.


“Scrooge’s poor and dispirited clerk takes center stage as we watch the Christmas Spirits arrive in the most compelling angels ever to grace a page, angels that present our hero with his own Christmas past, present, and future . . . Bob Cratchit’s story is ultimately as fun as that last giant colorfully wrapped present under the tree.” JJ Flowers, award-winning author of Juan Pablo and the Butterflies & Grief is Love.

“A must read for fans of Charles Dickens. A new twist on a famous tale that you’ll be a scrooge to miss.” Peter Gray, author of Rough Cut, Brilliant Cut, & The President’s Cut.

“What’s more fun than reading a Christmas story with a message of love and forgiveness?” Danna Beal, author of The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion.

A beautiful addition to the classic story. It turns out gentle Bob Cratchit has lessons to learn as well, lessons that will ring true for many readers today.”  Brandon Hall, co-author with Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer of The Success Principles Workbook.

“In Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol we rediscover ourselves alongside Bob Cratchit as he journeys through the hours of Christmas Eve. With each lesson he’s shown a mirror for us to digest our own mistakes, missteps, and triumphs. . . A skillful and mystical take on a traditional tale each one of us needs to read.”  Jennifer Myers, author of Trafficking the Good Life

“This guy can turn an ancient story into one for our age and beyond. This master wrote another one!” — Kevin E. O’Connor, CSP, author with Cyndi Maxey, CSP of Present Like a Pro.

“Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol is a heartwarming twist on Charles Dickens’s 1843 novella. Leonard blends his deep understanding of spirituality and psychology to transform Scrooge’s abused, underpaid clerk. . .” — Mari Frank, author of From Victim to Victor and coauthor of Fighting for Love: Turn Conflict into Intimacy.

“I know Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol will intrigue you and have you engaged with the characters and their roles with a new and delightful perspective.”
Arthur Tassinello, author of Your Key to Love and Happiness.

In this tale, Bob Cratchit’s life is changed forever as he discovers how to let go of past wounds, release his fear, embrace love, and go for his dreams. A heartwarming update that any reader, young or old, will find inspiring!”  Rick Broniec, author of A Passionate Life and The Seven Generations Story.

“As a lifelong Dickens’s fan, especially of A Christmas Carol, I’ve been enchanted by the different iterations of this story. Leonard’s continuation of this tale, bringing Bob Cratchit to life in a way Dickens would have loved, gives another dimension to this story, one that is vibrantly realistic and delightfully hopeful.” Mary Harris, author of Diggz and Wrrrussell series.

“Prepare a mug of smoking bishop and snuggle down into your most comfortable recliner. Then, enjoy a more profound, many-sided world of the Christmas Carol. . .”  R. M. Morgan, author of Harriett Roth and Dan Gannon murder/mystery series

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