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In 2011 I visited the Mayan pyramid at Chitzen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula. It was constructed with 91 steps on each of the four sides for a total of 364. If you add the top platform, the number totals 365 for a calendar year. Quite an amazing feat produced some 1500 years ago.

With Life Coaching, I provide a success conditioning program that embodies the 4 C’s. I help you answer the CALL, CLIMB your own mountain, overcome any CRASH, and reach the CREST. I help you clarify goals and aspirations, state your intentions, reduce limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, increase motivation, and achieve positive results.

Consider these Life Coaching steps when you climb your own personal mountain:

• Name your intentions about health, relationships, finances, etc.
• Focus your attention at the top, the end result.
• Visualize and emotionalize your outcome every day.
• Share your intentions with a coach or mastermind group.
• Establish 30-day programs to reinforce habits of success.
• Stay motivated and bring joy into each step.
• Persevere when you feel like quitting.
• Ask for help when you have difficulty climbing.
• Celebrate every victory, even if the steps are small.


“Leonard Szymczak is an outstanding coach. I have learned so much from his classes and personal coaching. He encouraged me when I was down; cheered me when I was up, and kept me moving ever forward toward my goal. Like the character in my book, “Tillie the Homeless Frog,” he taught me what it really means to “never give up, till I croak.” His guiding advice has  helped me clarify, focus, edit, polish, and keep hopping. I am forever grateful.” Jessica deStefano, artist and creator of Tillie the Homeless Frog

“Leonard is a wonderful therapist, coach and author. I love his books too. He is just a wonderful person.” Marcy Herrmann, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Yorba Linda, CA

If you want to know more about how Life Coaching can help you clarify your vision, establish a strategy for success, and implement an action plan to reach the top, contact me by phone or click here.

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