Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol

Another Untold Miracle of Charles Dickens’s Classic

“A companion tale for A Christmas Carol? You’ll get no ‘Bah, Humbug’ from me as mischievous, magical Spirits appear to Tiny Tim.” — Charles Dickens’s Christmas Ghost.

Tiny Tim is one of the most endearing characters in Dickens’s classic tale. Although he is only 6 years old, he’s an exceptionally compassionate soul. He senses the despair of his father Bob Cratchit and feels his own pain—from his crippled legs and from other boys who bully him. Like Ebeneezer Scrooge, he also has unearthly visitors, but his are lighthearted Christmas Spirits who appear as mischievous, magical children dressed in festive clothes. They inspire Tiny Tim to look beyond his limitations, see himself and others as wonderful gifts, and discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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“Holiday cheer and the essence of the Christmas spirit feature prominently in this new take on a famous work. Leonard Szymczak tells this story from the point of view of his principal character which provides a completely different approach from what I was expecting. Tim’s struggles with Peter and Matthew mirror the affairs of almost any home that is passing through the rigors of sibling rivalry and create the authentic atmosphere that powers this story. The Scrooge touch is obvious but minimal enough to give the story a life of its own without drowning out its unique message. The spirit of Christmas depicted in it abounds with the youthful vigor associated with a book whose principal target is children. Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol is one for all ages. — 5-star review Readers’ Favorite.

“A sweet and beautiful addition to Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. In this heartwarming rendition, Tiny Tim learns how to overcome hardship and embrace the Spirit of Christmas.” — Brandon Hall, co-author of The Success Principles Workbook with Jack Canfield, co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, and Janet Switzer.

“As a lifelong Dickens’s fan, especially of A Christmas Carol, I’ve been enchanted by the different iterations of this story. Leonard now brings Tiny Tim to life in a way Dickens would have loved. This is even more delightful than Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol.” — Mary Harris, author of Diggz and Wrrrussell series.

“The Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future now appear to Tiny Tim in this delightful perspective that helps him close the door to suffering and open the door to love and happiness.”
— Arthur Tassinello, author of Your Key to Love and Happiness.

“Fans of Leonard Szymczak will be pleased to know that, once again, he has used the classic by Dickens and his considerable insights as a psychotherapist to create a touching story about the true meaning of Christmas and the healing power of love.” — Anne Moose, author of House of Fragile Dreams.

“Leonard gives us an early Christmas present with his creative spinoff of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This endearing story has unique, child versions of the three Spirits appearing to Tiny Tim who despairs about his broken body and wishes he could be like other children. Tim has to learn, like most of us, to change his way of thinking to receive miracles. This book will touch your heart, mind, and soul!” — Tutti Taygerly, author of Make Space to Lead: Break Patterns to Find Flow and Focus on What Matters.

“A must read for fans of Charles Dickens. A new twist on a famous tale that you’ll be a scrooge to miss.” — Peter Gray, author of Rough Cut, Brilliant Cut, and The President’s Cut.

I love Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol! It’s another heartwarming twist on Charles Dickens’s novella. Leonard weaves his understanding of spirituality and psychology into a compelling story as angelic beings help Tiny Tim rise above his physical pain and mental suffering and embrace his true essence which is love.” — Mari Frank, author of From Victim to Victor, Safeguard Your Identity, and coauthor of Fighting for Love: Turn Conflict into Intimacy.

“That master weaver of stories, Leonard Szymczak, gives us another wonderful page turner in Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol. What’s more fun than reading a heartwarming Christmas story with a message of love?” — Danna Beal, author of The Illuminated Workplace: Shining a Light on Workplace Culture.

“Leonard Szymczak has written another delightful and moving variation of A Christmas Carol that brings the lessons of Christmas Past, Present, and Future into the 21st century. Tiny Tim’s story is a heartwarming update that readers, young or old, will find inspiring!” — Rick Broniec, author of A Passionate Life: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Passion, Purpose and Joy and the bestselling The Seven Generations Story.

“Snuggle into your comfortable recliner and read this enchanting story with some of Dickens’s memorable characters. In this version, childlike Spirits visit Tiny Tim so that he, along with the readers, can discover the true meaning of Christmas.” — R. M. Morgan, author of Harriett Roth and Dan Gannon murder/mystery series.

“This guy can turn an ancient story into one for our age and beyond. This master wrote another one with Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol. A delight!” — Kevin E. O’Connor, CSP, author with Cyndi Maxey, CSP, of Present Like a Pro: The Field Guide to Mastering the Art of Business, Professional, and Public Speaking.

“Like a fine sculptor, Leonard shapes Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol into a story that teaches us to open our eyes before judging others. This story will inspire you, as it did me, to look for the light inside us all.”
— Dennis McNicholas, author of God Called Collect from Cleveland.

“Based on Dickens’s original tale of the choice between abundance and scarcity thinking, this delightful rendition from the point of view of Tiny Tim provides a profound insight into the power of our thoughts and the choices we make between love and fear. A great addition to Leonard’s previous tale of Bob Cratchit as he illustrates the powerful bond between father and son.” — Diana Pardee, author of On the Cusp: A Poppy MacKenzie Mystery.

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