Inspirational and Motivational Speaking

Whenever I speak to an audience, my goal is to inspire, motivate, inform, and entertain. I draw upon my personal and professional experiences as a psychotherapist, trainer, writer, and coach. Whether I talk for an hour or the entire day, I create presentations that are personal, professional, uplifting, and fun.

I weave personal and anecdotal stories to convey the message we are the main characters in our story and can alter the script, thereby creating more health, abundance, success, and love.

A good example of my speaking style can be seen in my TEDx talk:

Inspirational and Motivational speaking topics:

Because of the coronavirus, public speaking has been temporarily put on hold. However, I’m available for online webinars or conferences. If you’re interested in having me speak at your organization, I will tailor an inspirational and motivational speaking engagement for your group or speak on any of the following topics:

• Find the Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace
• Power Tools for Men: Building Lives That Thrive
• The Gift of Conflict: Transform Obstacles into Opportunities
• Juggle the Challenges of Life
• Don’t Burn Out; Get Turned On
• Handle Difficult People
• Rewrite Your Life Story: Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life
• Revitalize Your Relationship
• Fire Your Therapist: Write Your Way to Health
• Meditation and Relaxation can save your life
• Uplevel Family Relationships
• Positive Thinking Isn’t Just About Thinking Positive


“Leonard, thank you again for an incredible speech at the Spiritual Business Network this month. We received a plethora of comments from the members on how much they enjoyed the presentation and how much they got out of it. Here are some of the comments we heard again and again – “Great Speaker!”, “Excellent!”, and “The Speaker was wonderful and energizing.” Paul Javaheri, Host for Spiritual Business Network, Inspirit CSL, Mission Viejo

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