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Enjoy my gift to you. The Free Self Help Articles and Interviews cover different aspects of your life to create balance. Need more guidance and support? Contact me to arrange a free 20-minute phone consultation.


Fighting for Love Series w/ Mari Frank & Leonard Szymczak

Listen below for Mari & Leonard’s Fighting for Love radio series as they discuss topics and issues from their book, Fighting … Continue reading


The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace®

WORKBOOK for a 30 Day Success Program


Five Keys to Unlock Your Dreams

Five Keys download

Take Nine Steps and Commit to Your Life

Nine Steps download

Power Your Life with Affirmations

Power Your Life download

Fifteen Stress-Busting Tips

Stress Busting download

Six Steps to Revitalize Your Relationship

Six Steps download

Parenting Tips to Manage Your Teens

Parenting Tips download

Discipline with Love

Discipline download

Don’t Burn Out; Get Turned On

Burn Out download

Don’t Go Mad; Manage Your Anger

Manage Your Anger download

Eight Steps to Handle Difficult People

Eight Steps download

Make a Positive Impact at Work

Positive Impact download

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