Embrace the Spirit of Christmas

As a therapist and a writer, I love stories about transformation. While Scrooge went through his own transformation from miser to generous soul, his clerk Bob Cratchit never experienced his own makeover. He only changed because Scrooge changed. Therefore, I had the idea of Bob being visited by Spirits who gave him a wake-up call to discover that his horrible memories continually haunt him. Only by letting them go and living in the present could he create a different future.

Traumatic feelings that do not get resolved stay with us. Therefore, forgiveness is about letting go, especially of the past emotions attached to memories. The practice that I use and teach my clients is to recognize old wounds, accept that they are there, learn from them, bless them with love, and then let them go. I’ve had to do that with my father who left the family when I was a young boy. The lesson I learned was to be the father who I always wanted in my life. I believe my children were blessed with that gift.

Like Bob, we can visit the past, release memories that haunt us, and look for ways to embrace the Christmas Spirit.  Here are some ways to embrace the Spirit of Christmas every day

    1. Make a list of what brings you joy and check it twice.
    2. Get a live evergreen tree for the home and watch it grow.
    3. Put some lights around the house. Candles also work.
    4. Listen to your favorite Christmas carols. (My favorite is Drummer Boy.)
    5. Watch a movie that brings you joy.
    6. Practice an act of kindness every day.
    7. Give someone an unexpected present.
    8. Give yourself an unexpected present.

Jack Canfield, New York Times Bestselling author of The Success Principles™ and cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series gave me a present with his testimonial: “Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol will inspire you to let go of the past, awaken your true purpose, and create miracles.” 

You can watch my interview about the book on www.bobschristmas.com and/or read a free excerpt at https://BookHip.com/FZTMLCD

Wishing you all, Happy Holidays

Leonard Szymczak

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