Get serious about life and rewrite your story!

Rewrite your story!At 7 a.m. I walked the beach with my friend, Daniel. He told me about a recent conversation he had with his brother who was sliding through life, not taking it seriously. Daniel strongly encouraged his brother to take himself seriously.

I asked Daniel if there was a part of his own life that he wasn’t taking seriously. He paused for a moment and then, in a flash of insight, recognized that his brother represented a personal goal he wanted to take more seriously.

As he talked, I realized that I needed to take my writing more seriously. I love to write and create stories but often neglect promotion, a necessary part of any career.

Every story that resonates with us has a message. Once we embrace it, we’re compelled to take action and share our story with all the lessons. That’s how the human race has evolved.

A story involves a main character in search of a goal, who faces and hopefully overcomes opposition, in order to achieve success. In the process, the character undergoes a transformation. “Can Leonard, who grew up in a family with hardship and struggle, overcome his past and create ease and inner peace?”

What’s your story? Is it about being yourself, overcoming adversity, or finding true love? Your theme will show up in the books you choose to read, the movies you watch, and the drama that unfolds around you.

I encourage you to take your story seriously. Doing so requires an audience. You can talk to a friend, see a therapist, or write your story down. Once you get serious, you embark on an incredible adventure–the hero/heroine’s journey.

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