Slow Down You’re Moving Too Fast

Dammed BusyA friend of mine pointed out that I haven’t sent a newsletter in four months. I was about to say, “I’ve been too busy,” then stopped myself. I flashed to a letter that my mother wrote to me many years ago, when I lived in Australia. In that letter, she used the word “busy” twelve times. She was busy working, busy gardening, busy volunteering, busy shopping, busy, busy, busy. Back then, I chuckled at her busyness, resolving that wouldn’t happen to me.

Now I only shake my head at my own busyness. Mind you, I love when I write, speak, coach clients, and present seminars. However, I can easily get absorbed in my work, and when I get too busy, I neglect myself and relationships.

Over the past few months, I’ve come face to face with serious health issues of some family members. Those health challenges forced me to slow down and ask, “What is really important?”

Was accomplishment, achievement, or completing a list of tasks the most important function of my life? Not when facing the potential loss of loved ones. That wake-up call reminded me to slow down because I was moving too fast.

If you ever find yourself “too busy,” ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Why am I so busy?
  2. Is this how I want to spend my time?
  3. What else would I prefer to do?
  4. Can I make time today to do what I love?

Love helps us slow down to make the moments last. We can never be too busy for love.

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